Church Website Pricing

What's in an InTheFlock package?

You get a great website built on a modern content management system (CMS), using modern coding techniques that take advantage of latest developments.

You also get us to set up the website for you - optimally. 

CMS Engine

We use a modern content management system called Craft CMS. It has a licence fee of £300.

Website Framework

We use a modern CSS framework called Foundation. This allows us to build great responsive websites with clever bits.

Set up fee

Our entry-level websites are built on a great system that that has lots of functionality built-in. We set it all up, take your images and logo and make it all your own.

Bespoke websites

We also make great church websites from scratch. They build on what is available in our entry-level sites and create something altogether more unique.

Why do we charge a monthly subscription?

Building websites involves a great deal of time and expertise. We lower the initial investment by charging an ongoing monthly subscription fee.

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